Bio-Guard Water Treatment System

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The New Spectra Bio-Guard is an easy to install antifouling system designed for Marine Airconditioning systems. The Spectra Bio-Guard is a powerful tool to assist in keeping pipes, hoses and heat exchangers of your HVAC system free of marine growth and barnacles. Using a specially formulated metallic alloy, the Bio-Guard leeches small amounts of ions into the seawater cooling system that retards marine growth. No electrical connections or control systems are necessary. The Bio-Guard installs in line into your cooling water supply and starts going to work immediately eliminating and preventing marine growth.

A clear plastic housing makes it easy to know when your Bio-Guard needs replacement. The alloy module takes only minutes to replace with common tools.

Finally, a simple, safe solution to prevent the need for expensive caustic acid washing that shortens the life of your HVAC system.

The Bio-Guard comes in four standard sizes and must be matched properly to your HVAC cooling water system. The Bio-Guard part numbers correspond to the common sizes of the seawater pumps used in standard marine air-conditioning systems. Larger units or special applications are available, please contact the factory.


Bio-Guard model Required flow Air-conditioning Capacity
BG-500 250-500 GPH 12,000- 24,000 BTU ¾” NPT
BG-1000 500-1000 GPH 24,000-48,000 BTU 1” NPT
BG-1500 1000-1500 GPH 48,000-75,000 BTU 1 ¼ NPT
BG-3000 1500-3000 GPH 75,000- 140,000 BTU 1 ½”NPT

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