With Pearson Pump Technology

The Cabo 7,500 and the Cabo 10,000 are for the megayacht,commercial vessel, and land-based applications that need the ultimate in advanced desalination technology. Utilizing the SP-20 Pearson Pump these units produce either 7,500 GPD (28,000LPD) or 10,000 GPD (37,500 LPD). The SP-20 Pearson Pump can desalinate water with amazingly little energy; as low a 8 KWH per 1000 gallons or 2KWH per 1000L. Each Cabo Series system is completely customizable. With a variety of options and equipment, Spectra will design a complete operating system to suit your specific needs.


• Staged Multi-Media Filters
• Ultra Filtration
• Chemical Antiscalant Pre-Treatment
• Ultraviolet Disinfection
• Potable Water Chlorination System for long term storage
• PLC Controls
• AC Voltage single and three phase available

Spectra will custom engineer a system specifically for your vessel

• Sea water to 45,000 PPM
• Permeate at less than 500 PPM TDS
• Booster Pump
• Media Filters with Backwash Pump
• Chemical Injection
• Permeate Flush
• Cleaning System
• PLC Controller with Color Touch Screen
• Two pass systems for hull wash down
• UF Pretreatment systems

The Spectra team has been in the marine industry for 30 years and understands the demands imposed by the marine environment. We can build you the finest product to your specifications.

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