Cape Horn Xtreme

Rugged All Season Watermachine

The Cape Horn system is designed for the extreme rough service typically found on high speed racing yachts. The two diaphragm feed pumps cannot be damaged by feed water intake aeration or by running dry. This versatile system has the option of running on a single feed pump for high efficiency, or two pumps for high capacity. If one pump should fail, the unit will still produce fresh water from the remaining pump. There are no complicated electronics, only simple mechanical controls and gauges. The wiring is also simple, consisting of only on/off electric switching and there are only three modules to mount– two feed pump-filter modules and the Clark pump-membrane module.

The Cape Horn Xtreme accommodates a full range of arctic water temperatures on one feed pump and produces a higher capacity with two pumps when sailing in the tropics.

Production on the low mode (one feed pump) is 7 gallons (31 liters) per hour consuming only 120W of power. With two feed pumps running the machine produces 14 gallons (53 Liters) an hour with a power consumption of only 285W.

Cape Horn Xtreme is available in either 12V or 24V.

Spectra Technology

Along with its superior efficiency the Spectra High Pressure Intensifier maintains the proper pressures in the membrane throughout a wide range of temperatures and water conditions without any adjustments or loss of product water output. The composite construction is corrosion resistant for low maintenance and superior reliability.

The Cape Horn Xtreme comes complete and ready to install. The Spectra Clark Pump Intensifier is factory mounted with a 40 inch membrane/high pressure vessel assembly. High pressure piping is pre-plumbed at the factory.

Light weight powder coated aluminum module brackets allow for easy installation in any orientation.

The primary feed pump module is fitted with a freshwater flush valve to accommodate convienient fresh water flushing with water from the vessels tanks. There is also a three way valve along with a quick disconnect fitting on the brine discharge of the Clark Pump for servicing.

The secondary feed pump module is fitted with a five micron prefilter and both pumps are fan cooled for improved efficency and improved reliability.

All this while producing 330 gallons of fresh water a day from a system weighing the same as eight gallons of fresh water! With a Cape Horn Xtreme, there is no reason to compromise your creature comforts while racing or cruising. You will have plenty of fresh water left over for boat and gear.

Included with the Cape Horn Xtreme is a complete installation kit, installation and operation manual and warranty registration card. All you provide is the thru-hull fittings and electrical wiring.

A one year complete limited warranty is available through our worldwide distributor network.

Spectra Z-Brane™

Top off your Spectra System with the new Z-Brane™. This revolutionary technology keeps your watermachine and water tanks clean and free of bio-fouling and scaling. Cleaning with chemicals substantially shortens the usable life of Reverse Osmosis Membranes. The Z-Brane™ eliminates the need for harsh chemicals used to clean and store your watermachine.

Ask your distributor about the Z-Brane™ and Z-Guard™ protection systems.


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