EcoHydro Solutions Marine Desalination System Selection Guide

Having all the comforts of home means all the water you want to be comfortable and clean. A Spectra water maker extends your cruising range as you no longer have to stop to top up your water tanks and leaves more room aboard for fuel. Not only does water from a Spectra taste great, but it is safe, will protect your yacht's finish and reduces your maintenance costs. Below is basic guideline how big of desalination system is needed for boat at a given size.



**You can get system information by click at the system name at the left side of chart below**


Why Spectra?

Spectra watermakers are the most advanced, well engineered water makers on the planet. We pioneered energy efficient machines over 12 years ago and have stayed the technology leader since. So why go with Spectra?
• Super efficient, which allows for smaller, lighter generators
and battery banks
• Most sophisticated, simple to use control system. One button operation
• Quietest, most vibration free operation of any water maker
• Easy, quick installation with a modular construction and
complete install kits
• No pressure control knobs to adjust. Truly fully automated
• Systems available with two speeds for power management.
• With the exclusive Zbrane system, pickling is eliminated!
• All AC machines have standard "soft starting" for operating with an inverter
• World wide dealer network as well as roaming representatives
• Composite construction for superb corrosion resistance


Spectra MPC-5000

Tired of being nickel and dimed to death by "extras" and "options" when you buy a piece of major equipment? Integrated into every MPC watermaker system is an automatic fresh water flush system. Not an additional option like our competitors! The MPC controller will monitor system pressure, fresh water production, potable water quality, filter condition and run time hours. No other brand controller offers all these great features in a single package! An industrial quality three way valve rejects poor quality water overboard until the control senses good, clean drinking water, and then automatically diverts it into your tank! Leaving the boat for awhile? Push auto-store, and leave. Simple as that! There is no complicated set up or programming required. Just press a button and go!
All of this comes standard with every MPC 5000 system!

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