Ventura 150/200T

Spectra's Smallest and Easiest to Operate Watermachine

At last! A Spectra watermaker designed and engineered for the smaller vessel. The Ventura 150 (operates anywhere in the world) and the new Ventura 200T (tropical water applications only) are energy efficient, light weight, and self regulating. The Ventura is a very affordable compact watermaker with all the great features Spectra has become known for. The Ventura series is easy to install and use, quiet, very energy efficient, and it delivers up to 8 gallons of fresh product water (30 liters) per hour.

It's ideal for installation in limited spaces on cruising and racing vessels. The exclusive Spectra-Clark Pump High-Pressure Intensifier maintains the proper pressures in the membrane throughout a wide range of temperatures and water conditions without any adjustments or loss of product water output. The machine's composite construction is corrosion resistant for superior reliability. All this while producing all the water you need a day! With a Ventura aboard, there is no reason to compromise your creature comforts while cruising. You will have plenty of fresh water left over for boat and gear. Every Ventura comes complete and ready to install. Spectra's High Pressure Intensifier is factory mounted with a 20 inch membrane in a Spectra high pressure vessel assembly. All high-pressure piping is pre-plumbed at the factory. Module brackets allow for installation in any orientation. Included with the Ventura is a complete installation kit, installation and operation manual, and warranty registration card. All you provide is the two thru-hull fittings and electrical connection.

The Ventura is available in four versions: The Manual Deluxe Version in 150 or 200 gallons per day which include the Clark Pump membrane module, feed pump module with feed pump, cooling fan, integral filter and service valve, instrument panel with feed water pressure gauge and product flow meter, a hand-held salinity monitor, and additional 3-way valve for cleaning and flushing procedures. The MPC 150 or 200T has the same features as the Manual Deluxe version, except the analog pressure gauge and product flow meter is replaced by the digital MPC 5000 control panel.

MPC-5000 Controller

Simple one button operation, the most advanced watermaker control available! All Ventura functions are controlled and displayed with an attractive panel located in a convenient space of your choosing away from the watermaker. Multiple control display panels can be added for even more monitoring convenience. The electrical control box has a built-in manual override so the watermaker also works without the MPC-5000 electronic control.

Just set it and forget it!

The MPC-5000 displays pre-filter condition, feed water pressure, water tank full status (with optional tank switch), product water quality, flow rate and total system hours. One touch to the MPC-5000 touch pad sets the Ventura in motion. Reject water is automatically diverted back to the ocean by the MPC-5000 controller, the desired amount of water fills the storage tanks, the system flushes itself clean and shuts itself off. You can set the controller to keep your Ventura in a fresh water storage state for as long as you like. The MPC 5000 control is mission critical and can be re-calibrated or function disabled in the field without a technician.

Leaving the vessel for a while?

Just press the Auto-Store button and the MPC 5000 controller will do an automatic flush every 5 days. No more worries about messy storage chemicals. And when you return to your vessel, your system is ready to start up and go.

Patented Z-Brane™ technology keeps your system clean without chemicals. Top off your Spectra system with the new Z-Brane™. This revolutionary technology keeps the Ventura 150 or 200T clean and free of bio-fouling and scaling. Cleaning with chemicals substantially shortens the usable life of reverse osmosis membranes. The Z-Brane™ eliminates the need for harsh chemicals used to clean and store your watermaker. Ask your distributor about Spectra'sZ-Brane™ protection system.

Plumbing Diagram


System Specifications

WATER PRODUCTION Gallons per Day / Hr (Liters per Day / Hr)
V150 Output with 77°F/25°C seawater 150 / 6.3 (568 / 24)
V200T 200 / 8.3 (750 / 31)
Designed for feedwater temperatures above 50ºF/10ºC
V150 Current Draw 12V= 9 Amps • 24V = 4.5Amps
V200T Current Draw 12V = 10 Amps • 24V = 5 Amps
V150 Watt/Hr per Gallon 17
V200T Watt/Hr per Gallon 16
Ventura 150 65 Lb (29.5 kg)
Ventura 150 MPC 67 Lb (30.4 kg)  
Ventura 200T
65 Lb (29.5 kg)  
Ventura 200T MPC 67 Lb (30.4 kg)


Components Dimensions



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